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Butter Cow

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Butter Cow Facts: The revered butter cow, which is made with about 600 pounds of butter covering a wood and metal frame, has been a part of the Iowa State Fair since 1911. The butter is reused for up to 10 years.

Butter Cow Security

Don’t mess with the Iowa State Fair Butter Cow!
Order a Butter Cow Security T-Shirt Today!

Order one of the Iowa State Fair’s Hottest Selling T-Shirts: the Butter Cow Security T-shirt! Smearing red paint on the Iowa State Fair’s revered butter cow is taking things a little too far for most Iowans! So, in typical tongue-in cheek style, thousands of fairgoers are opting to become a part of the Iowa State Fair’s Butter Cow Security team. In fact, the Butter Cow Security T-shirt has become the Iowa State Fair’s hottest selling T-shirt. Don’t miss your opportunity to have the Iowa State Fair’s hottest selling T-shirt. Order your very own butter yellow (yep, we're milking it), Butter Cow Security T-shirt today and show your support of the more than 100-year-old butter sculpture tradition. This special T-shirt, designed by Broken Arrow Wear in Des Moines, is all you need to be a part of the Butter Cow Security Team.

Thumb your nose at those butter cow paint-pouring naysayers. No one in your family will want to be without a Butter Cow Security T-shirt! Proceeds for Butter Cow Security T-shirts sales will be used to help improve the beauty of the fairgrounds, enable future building renovations, and (you guessed it) protect the butter cow!


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